01 2018-08
Story With Our Australian Customer

We met each other on HK printing & packaging fair in 2013, till now we have cooperation for more than 5 years. From 2013 to 2018, our customer with fast-growth, we also moved to our new office.  We put our best foot forward first, we together make special professional packaging, no ...

27 2018-07
How To Choose Flower Packaging Boxes——Coffe Packing

Freshly packaged flowers will make the value of the flowers more expensive and more beautiful. The packaging of the bouquet is actually the finishing touch. Different color, different materials, different papers Matching the knots of the corresponding color will have an unexpected effect But ...

21 2018-06
How to Choose Packaging For a Product | CoffePack

Each product has its packaging, whether it is food or some daily necessities cannot be separated from the packaging. In this era of packaging everywhere, how to make their products more attractive under the package, let us take a look at several common packaging boxes. When we ask for an inquiry, ...

13 2018-06
LET'S CELEBRATE! Coffe Packing Got One Million Dollar Order On 2018.6.13

LET'S CELEBRATE! Coffe Packing Got One Million Dollar Order On 2018.6.13 Congratulations on our sales Bella deal with a million-dollar order, customers from France, customized 100,000 shipping boxes. Thanks to customers who choose us, we will provide the best service and product quality to satis ...

29 2018-05
Our birthday party

Today is the birthday of my colleagues. We hold birthday parties to celebrate their birthdays. We watched the movie together - Avengers Alliance 3. We are a big family of love. Here is our team photo. ...

18 2018-05
Alibaba's Shanghai Youshang New Force Summit

In the afternoon of May 16th, the 2018 Alibaba's Shanghai Youshang New Force Summit (阿里巴巴上海优商新势力峰会), sponsored by the Changning District Commerce Commission and the Alibaba Shanghai branch, was held at the Jin Jiang Grand Hotel in Hongqiao, Changning, Shanghai, including more than 1000 people fro ...

16 2018-05
Different methods to package electronics items for shipment

The labels and shipping is usually carried by middlemen or manufacturers. If you are being employed as a middleman, sometime you might be required to package an item for shipping, as an example when you're buying products from the wholesaler or dropshipper and selling them at your own website. Packa ...

27 2018-04
We Are Waiting For You-First Day of HK Printing & Packaging Fair

Hello Friends,We Are Waiting For You-First Day of HK Printing & Packaging Fair We would like to inform you that Dates: 27-30th April 2018 6-A18 ...

12 2018-04
Exhibition Invitation

Dear sir/madam, How are you doing lately? Thank you for your close collaboration with us for the past few years. I am writing to invite you to attend the Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging fair 2018 in Hong Kong with Booth No.: 6-A18,20 for our latest packaging product ...

14 2017-12
British Customers Visited Our Company

On December 13, 2017,  It's nearly 6:00 PM Beijing time When you arrived at our office. Very grateful to our British customers visiting to our company at such a busy hour today. Thanks for your coming. In terms of when we actually focus on the Customers’ needs and feeling, obvious ...

13 2017-12
American Customer Placed Sample Order For Pizza and Cosmetics boxes

On December 12, 2017, Our American customer Edward came to visit us. Placed a sample order for pizza boxes and cosmetics boxes. With showcase the company with photos and videos, Our customers have reason to believe that we willing provide them the best quality assurance. We provides a one ...

12 2017-12
American Customers Discussing The White Card Box Order Of Electric Toothbrush

On December 11, 2017, Our American customers took a visit at our office today, discussing the details about the order of white boxes for their electric toothbrush. Besides the boxes, we will also supply the brochure for them. Thanks for the trust of all of our customers. He ...

07 2017-12
Canada Customers Visited Us For Establishing Long-term Cooperation Relationship

On December 7, 2017, Our Canada customers visited us for establishing long-term cooperation relationship. It is honored to have your visiting us. We had a pleasant meeting, and at this winter day we hope you can feel our warm and good services. CUSTOMER FIRST, Be proactive and ping ...

29 2017-11
Argentinean Clients Visited Us And Started A Pleasant Sample Business Meeting

On November 28, 2017, Our Argentinean Clients visited our office to conduct business sample meetings. Our supervisor communicated with you to expect that you can better understand our company's strength. And we would quote for you with the basis of your samples, images or details your provided, ...

15 2017-11
Taiwan Customers Visit Our Office For Fruit Packaging

On November 14, 2017, Our Taiwan customers with her family came to visit Coffe Packing office in Shanghai City for negotiating custom fruit carton boxes. Previous successful business cases have demonstrated our company's strength, and we could help her design artwork and fruit box what she wants. Af ...

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